Monday, February 22, 2010

A 75% Negative News Item

IDF Spokesperson's Unit announced:-

On Monday (Feb. 22), Army Radio reported that Palestinian security forces gave Israel information on a Qassam rocket manufactured in Judea and Samaria planned to be launched towards Israel.

According to estimates, the rocket was ready to be launched towards the center of the country. Information about the existence of the rocket was received from the Palestinian security apparatus.

The detection of the rocket is due to the successful cooperation between the IDF, the Civil Administration and the Palestinian Security Forces, as reflected in several recent cases, such as right-wing activists’ breach to Jericho where cooperation between both forces avoided a violent confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis.

Well, one good news item and three bad news items.

One: the rocket launch was halted.

That was the good one.

Two: they are trying to shoot rockets and have the capability.

Three: the IDF Spokesperson's Unit should know that Judea and Samaria are two different regions. Where was the rocket placed for launch?

Four: although the Pals. informed Israel of its existence, were they not capable of eliminating the threat themselves?

Those were the three bad ones.

That's a 75% negative news item.

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