Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Those "Cultural Differences"

Saw this from the 'other side':-

Register for Transportation to Friday February, 19 Demonstrations Against the Wall and the Settlements

~ As the efforts to repress the demonstrations have intensified recently, your presence is specifically vital ~

Bil'in - Mass Demonstration

Five years of struggle will end only when the wall falls!

Not to the settlements! Not to segregation!

Not to the occupation!

Yes to the joint and popular struggle! Yes to just peace!...


Please let us know as soon as possible if you can bring a car and take into consideration cultural differences in the choice of clothing

Newcomers and those requiring more information are invited to contact Dan

Passengers, you don't have to participate in the transportation expenses, but if you can afford it, please don't wait to be asked to pay - sugget it yourselves.

Drivers, you don't have to pay for the fuel. Please ask the passengers to participate if and as much as they can. You can get a refund through the transportation coordinator.

Transportation from Jerusalem requires additional coordination after registration

Please register as early as you can to ensure a place in the organized transportation and ease the organizing process

To arrange a personal support and listening session on activist trauma, burn-out and recovery...

So, "cultural differences" in apparel appearance or religious fanaticism?

And the dress of Hareidim in Meah Shearim is okay with these lefty progressives?

And as for burn-out, imagine what the soldiers are going through. Have pity you activists.

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