Sunday, February 21, 2010

Backward? Or Just Der Stürmer?

If you go to the Purim spoof issue of The Forward, appropriately entitled "Backward", you'll see this:-

Yes, that's Holocaust victim Anne Frank photoshopped as winking.

Bad taste?

Well, if my friend, Forward senior columnist JJ Goldberg can write this about the anti-NIF/Naomi Chazan advert this:-

the Der Stuermer-style caricature of Chazan with horns that was run as a newspaper ad in the Jerusalem Post and carried as signs by protesters outside Chazan’s home.

well, I guess I can call the publication of that fake ad not only a perversity but a defamation of the sacredness of Jewish suffering. Oh, and border-line Der Stürmer, - and JJ, note the correct spelling.

Of course, sometimes, left-wing radical progressive forces just don't know anything about democracy, respect and awe, basic Jewish values.

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