Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's Good For Muslims Should Be Fine For Jews

Please read Elder of Ziyon's catch:-


Anonymous said...

"What's good for Muslims should be fine for Jews..." Even Hebrew National Hot Dogs "answer to a higher authority"...Is this the best logic someone of your age and experience can muster?

YMedad said...

Hi Jennifer.

Well, I guess I could improve and expand on my logic but sometimes, people avoid the very basics. The issue of the construction of the Museum of Tolerance has been obfuscated. The plot is not a cemetery but a parking lot next to the cemetery in use for decades without a peep from Muslims. And now we know that the Grand Mufti himself had no compunctions or religious quivers to use that same land for secular goals.

So, as we are all people, if what is good for Muslims somehow cannot be good for Jews in a legal sense, this is a corrupt reality.

What do you think about the behavior of what seems to be your co-religionists?

And thanks for dialoguing.

Anonymous said...

Sure, thanks to you too.
Honestly, the way I feel is that it should be up the community to whom a burial place belongs to decide upon these issues. What is most hurtful is that it is the Jewish community using it for a museum of's just "yuckily" ironic.(like my eloquent vocabulary?). If it were a Jewish cemetary (and the "parking lot" was also part of the cemetary, btw) it would be hurtful to have Arabs using it for their community's goals (as you know from experience!). If it's an issue of power, clearly the Jewish community has it, and they can do what they like, but is it right? Does it really feel right knowing how you would feel if the situation was reversed?

YMedad said...

Between me and you, they could have picked a better spot if only that their desigh is so...out-of-place huge anhd too spectacular.

But it's not power but law. There was a court case and they lost because they did not tell the truth about how the Muslims treated that same piece of real estate. What is good for you should be good for others. The supreme Muslim authorities decided decades ago it was permitted for construction. So now, it's not power but politics, and unfair ones too.