Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hebrew University In-Your-Face

This sign is at one of the main squares just across the the Hebrew University's main entrance up on Mount Scopus and it must bother many there terribly:

for it reads:
"Between 1948-1967, Mount Scopus was besieged and cutoff from Jerusalem. The soldiers of Unit 247 - "Matzof" (floater) - were present here as the guardins of the site. Their perseverance and fortitude made the hill a garrison and a lookout. In the Six Days War it renewed its
days as of old, as a center of science and medicine, an inseparble part of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel".


Gary said...

Is there anyone on the left who thinks we shouldn't keep Mt Scopus?

YMedad said...

I really don;t know but, for sure, I have not heard anyway specifically say Israel should retain it? And if Uri Avnery is left, then yes, he believes that.