Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm Confused - Next Chapter in "Canaanite Eyes"

I have blogged several times (here and also here) about the new academic paradigm postured by Arabs and others in a "pro-Palestinian" theory which is termed "Canaanite eyes".

In a word, just as the foreign Jews supposedly invaded Canaan and destroyed the local population and then occupied the territory, so, too, Zionism is repeating this crime. This line sees in the Arabs who assume a "Palestinian" identity the true Biblical people of this land. They are the inheritors, the "original inhabitants".

The problem, though, is that over the decades and now, faster and faster come the discoveries which confirm all the chronicles as related in the Bible, one-by-one, that tell the Jewish version of events.

And after the new Biblical discovery of a Jewish presence in Jerusalem at Solomon's time, what is their problem?


Palestinian archaeologists have criticized their Israeli counterparts’ rush to link finds to the Bible.

Now they boo-hoo about the Bible.

Odd, though, as the Koran confirms the Jewish narrative.

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