Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Cheap Calumny Charge of Castigation

After reading many news items, op-eds and blog posts about J Street, I think I have come to a conclusion of deliberative thought:

Israel does not have to listen to anybody who claims to be pro-Israel.

In fact, Israel does not have to listen to anybody who claims to be anti-Israel.

Israel does not have to listen to anybody who claims to be pro-Israel just because they are Jewish, or even Christian or any other social, religious or national identification.

Israel surely does not have to permit the fostering upon it of a group like J Street simply because it claims to be either Jewish, pro-Israel or a representative, as Yehuda Ben-Yehuda of Haaretz put it, of an "elite".

Where does Jeremy of J Street come off demanding, as by right, that Israel do what he wants it to? And then, as expected, when it doesn't, lead a cheap calumny charge of castigation to further demonize Israel as a pariah because it doesn't do the 'accepted/expected' thing that progressive just know it needs to do?

Who the heck to you think you are, J Streeters?

Sure, suggest, deliver advice, organize, visit but, just as you tell Israelis - don't make demands, don't elevate yourselves high on some artificial pedestal of presumed self-righteousness, viewing from on high in a posture of aggrandized self-importance which is hollow and false and destructive.

Democracy as a system works both ways. Israel, too, has the right of free expression and action and it has chosen, basically, to ignore you and marginalize you. That's Israel's prerogative. That's what sovereignty is all about versus Diaspora Jewry.

Israel can choose by itself its own friends and know who are its enemies.

You may not grasp that, due to some pomposity you have clothed yourselves with, but as Obama fellow-travelers please remember that every President's policies are a passing phenomenon while the Jewish state is forever.


Eli'Solomon's Azkara תשע"א said...

yaffe meod

yoni said...

" the Jewish state is forever."

well, i guess we don't have anything to worry about then.