Sunday, February 21, 2010

Comments on Those 'Stolen' Passports

The Editor, The Times, For consideration for publication.


Fascinating that the issue of the availability of fake British Passports should have become such a key issue.

When cupboards full of fake British and other country's passports were discovered during the raid on the Finsbury Park mosque, scarcely a mention was made and there was little concern.

Why the change now?

Adrian Korsner


Sent: 18/02/2010 15:34:11 Jerusalem Standard Time

Whether or not the Dubai killing of the Hamas leader was connected to Mossad, would Mr Brown, before appearing so virtuous in inquisiting the Israeli Ambassador, as UK Prime Minister like to confirm that MI6 does not use false passports for its operations in the world ?.Sauce for the goose is usually sauce for the gander.Peter Simpson

Peter Simpson


To The Editor of the Times,


I am completely mystified by the heading to the report by Hugh Tomlinson and Sheera Frankel on p. 13 of yesterday's issue.

It reads "Mossad assassination squad used British passports".

The quotation marks indicate, without any possibility of error, that someone made a statement in those terms. There no such statement anywhere in your report nor does it appear in the reports of the incident in the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian or the Independent.

On the contrary, Dubai's chief of police is quoted in your report and in those other newspapers as saying merely that Israeli involvement could not be ruled out.

Your words amount to a positive assertion that the assassination was carried out by "Mossad assassination squads". At this time there is not a vestige of proof for that assertion. The words are without substance, the heading is completely misleading and you should withdraw it and apologise.

Yours etc. A.J. Cotton. 17 February 2010


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