Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You Speak Yinglish, Or Just Understand It?

This just came into my mailbox.

If it is 'old', sorry. But I thought they were a chuckling delight.

"New Yiddish Words"
Part III

Minyastics (n.) Going to incredible lengths and
troubles to find a tenth person to complete a Minyan.

Feelawful (n.) Indigestion from eating Israeli street
food, especially falafel.

Dis-kvellified (v.) To drop out of law school, med
school or business school as seen through the
eyes of parents, grandparents and Uncle Sid. In
extreme cases, simply choosing to major in art
history when Irv's son David is majoring in biology
is sufficient grounds for diskvellification.

Impasta (n.) A Jew who starts eating leavened
foods before the end of Passover.

Kinders Shlep (v.) To transport other kids besides
yours in your car.

Schmuckluck (n.) Finding out one's wife became
pregnant after one had a vasectomy.

Shofarsogut (n.) The relief you feel when, after
many attempts, the shofar is finally blown at the
end of Yom Kippur.

Trayffic Accident (n.) An appetizer one finds out
has pork in it.

(Kippah tip: RA)

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