Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Bit Weird

The month of Elul demands introspection. The time has come to acknowledge Kook's genius and how he understood the important role secular Zionism has played in the modern development of Judaism - while at the same time partly [which part? - YM] rejecting the messianic activism of Kook's theology. The messiah will come when the messiah will come. Meanwhile, there is important work for religious Zionists to accomplish beyond the settlement of the lands of the Bible and the building of a Third Temple.

Religious Zionism: The future of a lost movement
Eli Kavon, an adjunct lecturer on Jewish history at Broward Community College in Florida


That's like tearing the heart out of Rabbi Kook's philosphy and practice.

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Cosmic X said...

I saw the article. Pathetic is too kind a word to describe it.