Sunday, August 31, 2008

Olmert Drops Jews, Goes For Outsiders

Back in December, I had a letter in the Jerusalem Post magazine dealing with Ehud Olmert's rejection of outside Jewish interference in fixing the future of Jerusalem.

And today what says Olmert:

Olmert's proposal to the Palestinians is that the talks on sovereignty and control over the holy sites in Jerusalem be held under an international umbrella, where governments and other interested parties will be able to contribute their views...The role of the international parties would be to bolster the agreement that the two sides will agree upon in direct negotiations.

...This is the first time that Israel has proposed involving international parties on the Jerusalem issue, even if their role will be limited to a consultative one.

...Olmert is probably planning to include in the negotiations members of the international Quartet (the U.N., U.S., EU and Russia), as well as Jordan, Egypt, the Vatican and possibly the king of Morocco. From Israel's point of view, broadening the international, inter-faith element only increases the chances of finding an acceptable agreement, even though there is risk in involving parties who are opposed to Israel's sovereign control over the holy sites in Jerusalem.

Seems the man can't be trusted to hold on to a principle unless, of course, one considers that commitments made to Jews are non-binding at for him, it's only the non-Jews and especially Israel's enemies that mustbe obliged, no matter what - history, religion, politics, security.

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