Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Illustration Begets Letter

Looking again at the NYTimes Letter-to-the-Editor, I saw this accompanying illustration

and so, I wrote a letter:-

The illustration by Rodrigo Corral which accompanies the Letters to the Editor on the subject of Israel and the Palestinian Authority's peace moves (Feb. 21), in which "Palestine" and "Israel" are potrayed as Scrabble letters intertwined, is illuminating on a second look. There are so many ways those two words intertwine, and that would lead one to assume that the "two-state solution" may not be the only one. We may just need more imagination and creativity.


Fjedka said...

"We may just need more imagination and creativity"...

...adaraba - If not a two state solution then what would YOUR solution be?

YMedad said...

a) My position is based on the prinicple, tried-and-true, that no Arab recognition of Jewish political rule anyway in the historic Land of Israel can be expected.

b) furthermore, no Jewish attempt at territorial compromise ("territories-for-peace") no only ever worked but was even accpeted a s a basis (see 1922, 1937, 1947, Oslo, Disengagement).

c) each compromise has brought further eroding of security and I am referring here to Israel vs. "Palesine" Arabs.

d) since the Hamas are fighting the Fatah worse than we ever did (I mean throwing manacled prisoners off roof is really low, pardon the pun), shades of 1970's Black September and the "peace gangs" vs. the Mufti in 1937-39, Israel must be in charge over the entire area of the western portion of the original Mandate area.

More later.

Fjedka said...

Thanks for your reply.

Points A, B, and C are not solutions but are reasons for your proposing the solution in point D, i.e. "Israel must be in charge over the entire area of the western portion of the original Mandate area.".

As solutions go, though, it's got one flaw... what's to be done with the multitude of non-citizens and non-eligible to be citizens already residing in the area you outlined above.

YMedad said...

In this book, Chapt. 4, you'll find my basic outlook which really hasn't changed much since 1984.

Or, in other words, sometimes one needs to enlarge the 'area' of a problem in order to better divided it which means Jordan has to be part of the solution.

YMedad said...

And if youthink the boo is not worthy of being searched out, read this NYTimes review