Monday, August 25, 2008

I Was Wondering What Happened to His Cancer

17:16 Olmert cancels tour in north citing health problems (Army Radio)

at Haaretz.


YMedad said...

Someone posted a nasty comment with bad wishes. That's not the etiquette I would like on my blog.

jack said...

Yisrael,i am the one who has posted,
that so called nasty comment,
would you agree with me,that this criminally insane traitorous gangster,who pretends to be PM,[who has just released over 200 murderous terrorist swines]is the biggest danger to the lives of 5,000,000 jews of israel,this traitor is a bigger danger than all the terrorist organizations combined,in any other normal country,this piece of human garbage would be put on trial for high treason,and if found guilty,would be hanging by the end of a rope
not since the days of hitler and arrafat,have the jewish people had a more dangerous enemy than this swine

YMedad said...


see, that's such much better phrased than your previous comment.

of course I agree with your basic premise, but it doesn't help to be so "overboard".

and I don't like comparing any Jew to Hitler יש"ו no matter what. swine too is a bit of a "frothing". otherwise, I think you understand what I appreciate as "comment".