Friday, August 22, 2008

He's Back! Rosh Betar Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Tamir: Jabotinsky not removed from curriculum

Education Minister Yuli Tamir ridiculed on Wednesday reports that she had ordered Revisionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky removed from the ministry's curriculums. Tamir pointed out that Jabotinsky and his philosophy would be taught to tenth through twelfth graders as part of their history curriculum this coming year as they had been in previous years. Seventh through ninth graders had also learned about Jabotinsky, she said in a statement.

Moreover, Tamir pointed out, pupils had answered questions related to Jabotinsky on the winter matriculation exam this year and last year's spring matriculation exam. She also noted that a speech she gave on Jabotinsky day with a link to the Jabotinsky Center Web site appeared on her own Web site...

The funny thing is that her former husband is the son of one of Jabotinsky's senior activists in America during the Bergson Group activities, Alexander Rafaeli.

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