Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bernie Schwartz and Shiloh

Tony Curtis spent over a half-hour outside a Montreal cinema signing autographs and charming the crowd Saturday...[he's] in town for the Montreal World Film Festival to promote the documentary The Jill and Tony Curtis Story. The film documents the couple's fight to rescue abused, neglected, injured and slaughter-bound horses.

Jill Vandenberg, Curtis's fifth wife and 46 years his junior, founded the Shiloh Horse and Rescue Sanctuary in 2003 in the couple's home state Nevada.


So, why is that interesting?

Two reasons.

a. Shiloh. I live in Shiloh (pronounced, I remind you, shy-low).

b. Tony Curtis, aka Bernie Schwartz, used to live in the neighborhood of my maternal grandparents in The Bronx and my mother's youngest sister, Selma, used to get rides from Bernie in the net basket on the front of hsi bicycle which he used as a delivery boy for the neighborhood grocery.

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