Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wig Modesty

I have dealt with the subject of wigs previously, like here but the big story a ways back was this one: a store front presentation in Brooklyn which led the Rosh Yeshiva of Chaim Berlin to call for a boycott of the store until the pictures are removed, on the grounds that these stylish headshots are corrupting. Jewess commented on the story, as well.

Well, I passed by a store near Meah She'arim the other day and there in the storefront window of a wig store was this example of how to properly display your wares, er, wigs:


And since we're on the subject of female modesty a la Meah She'arim, here's some more instructional material:

and on the other hand, here's some Islamic modesty fashion in an extreme situation, training in Jordan for the police:


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I love this kind of "extremes situations" specially if I had the knowledge, and this training has been raising a lot of Islamic generations.

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the last image, remember one picture showed a pretty Jewish lady, to be more specifict a female private, when I saw that picture I end so shocked for the beauty of that girl.

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