Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two, No, Three NYTimes' Items

From Ethan Bronners report:-


Peace Now, the Israeli advocacy group...

Yes, but what exactly are they advocating?


Peace Now?

No "settlements"?

Left-wing, radical and progressive defeatist politicies?

Can we have some clarification, please?


Earlier, Ms. Rice had made clear that neither Israelis nor Palestinians had fully lived up to their obligations. Israel is supposed to end all settlement building and remove illegal settlement outposts, while the Palestinians are supposed to dismantle terrorist infrastructures.

And these two - "settlements" and terror - are equal?


c) The headline - "Rice, in Israel, Criticizes Surge in Settlement Construction".

Notice that use of the term "surge", like in "troop surge" so as to link Jewish revenant residential communities in the historic portions of the Jewish homeland with the anti-Iraq sentiment in America.

Good ol' New York (dislike Israel) Times.

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