Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Jewish Bloggers' Conference - Medad's Three Ms

It's late but I can't not post something. So, here's my badge (*):-

And first impressions:

a. Kudos to the organizers, the sponsors, the guests and the crowd of some 200 in the hall and, at the height of the on-line broadcast, another 1300 viewers.

b. food was GREAT. real good cold cuts and lots of. salads and desert. but, next time, some normal tea, please? i'm not a newager.

c. very good bunch of people on the panels and in the hall.

d. everybody spoke well although Bibi spoke for a bit too long, at least within the context of the program.

e. the Foreign Ministry person had a good point about branding (even if Moshe Burt insisted and insisted that Israel is a Jewish state) and it was good that the idea was presented, even if a bit depressing regarding the knowledge of Israel displayed among regular people but she didn't fully succeed in connecting it to bloggers and the blogosphere.

f. I won the waffle maker!!! (another piece of technology I don't know how to run) Now, in my presentation, I noted that behind every married blogger is a spouse, waiting quite impatiently for his/her turn at the computer.

Then I outlined the "Medad's Three Ms":

bloggers must seek to successfully Magnetize, that is, we must draw readers to our messages.

bloggers must Motivate, that is, send out strong positive messages and vibes

and bloggers must Mobilize, that is, there is an activist purpose and goal even for those whose blogs are more personal rather than political.

For next time:
1. Longer
2. Include hands-on workshops for those who are technically challenged (like yours truly).
3. Some sort of realtime hookup/video conferencing so that not only a chat room but real exchanges can take place.

And some pics and a video (more pics here):-

General Crowd View



And a short video

I really feel bad and again, wish to stress to the NBN people, it wasn't me. Since my badge became unstuck early on, I simply stepped outside to get another. Seems, though, that someone found it and stuck it up on the wall, at the corner near the dining area. And stuck it was. They coul;dn't get it off and it might have caused damge to the paint or whatever. But it wasn't me.


Anonymous said...

Shalom Yisrael;

In the context of the foreign ministry's person and Branding, when she refers to multi-religions, one cannot help but see "state of all its people" leftist foreign ministry agendization. We tend to let pass, to tolerate too much. When the speaker referred to Branding research and analysis contracts with Livni heavily involved, and then mentions about 3 religions in Israel -- the combination is too much to take.

Granted, the kid in front of the tank, the perception of a nation under siege is not the right message to deliver to the world, nor are the false stereotypes derived in the house party, presenting branding solutions which forsake everything Jewish, every Jewish principle is also wrong. Further, when the Israeli government or foreign ministry, as presently constituted, speaks of branding and shows pictures totally devoid of Jewish content, I can only think of the videos that I have seen projected for branding use of "gay-friendly, swinger-
friendly" Israel.

We are a Jewish state and not a state of all its people. Jewish content needs to be part of branding, just as attributes of other nations go into their branding as witnessed the the foods, for example at the Italy party. Aren't there outdoor cafe, shwarma scenes, shuk scenes, S'fardi parties and food scenes, Hora scenes, the midrakov (spelling) -- if we devoted some time, we could come up with hundreds of scenes which emphasize positive branding content. They wanna thow in Tel Aviv beach scenes -- okay but the ought not to be the major thrust of branding content.

Finally, as fundamental and axiomatic as Israel -- a Jewish state is to us, the point must be constantly reiterated to the government, to the foreign ministry
lest silence be seen and/or perceived as acquiesence and thus complicity with evil.

Good to finally meet you and Batya this evening.


Moshe Burt

YMedad said...

While you are for sure correct in principle, Israel is also the state of all those who are its citizens, so, for example, if the FM wants to use as part of its "brand" an Druze olive oil press, for example, that's okay with me. Bikinied bimbos on beaches is cute but a real stupid first idea. Being a Jewish state doesn't mean we can't be (relatively) democratic while, obviously, the term multicultured is a red flag, if, if, IF, it is purposefully misinterpreted by the ruling elites of Israel and - taken advantage of by our minorities who think that that term means freedom to subvert.

Akiva said...

Yisroel, while that's a point, I discussed it with the Foreign Ministry person afterwards, asking why the FM always avoids ANY Jewishness anytime. The point I made to her was does the Ministry actually believe that they're going to outdo Paris on fashion, Europe on beaches, and wow the world with a modern dance troupe?

The only thing unique they've got to offer is Judaism and "the Holy land" - but they refuse to market on that and instead are going to market on Tel Aviv, we're more Western than you are. Surprise, no one's buying it.

YMedad said...

Sardonic humor: Israel's two new branding slogans:

a) Israel - You're closer to Heaven than you'll ever (want) to know.

b) Israel - more than one way to get stoned.

But, seriously, you're right, so why do all the representatives of religion make it so difficult to put on a smiling, positive face of Judaism rather than the scowling types that really invite you to want to know more about Israel and, and - Judaism?

OK, we don't need short-shorts and bikinis, but we do need muscled soldiers, bother literally and figuratively. Will the Hareidim help with that? With digging up Israel's glorious past? They're do really great in HiTech and investment in start-ups but do we see them? Or see the results? Try reading The Marker for good pro-Hareidi economic stories.

If it's our country, we all have to help out here and not just criticise.

YMedad said...

both (sorry)

Benji Lovitt said...

Nice meeting you yesterday...hope you enjoyed yourself!

YMedad said...

For sure although Ilana informed me I was wrong about assuming we already had met here at Begin. She said you never came in. Must have been some other bloke.

Juggling Frogs said...

You spoke very well. And now I know your nickname is "Winky."

Post your wafflemaking advertures at KCC!

YMedad said...

JF - thank you. And I spell it Winkie.

Akiva - you don't remember Tzipi waxing over the Temple Mount as her umbilical cord? Read it here

Unknown said...

I think the challenge for the next conference is encouraging discussion which combines tech issues with the uniqueness of Jewish blogging. At this conference we almost totally ignored the general blogging issues and I think that is what some people found disappointing.

Mindy Schaper said...

I have to say I agreed with the points being made here about marketing Israel as nothing more significant than possessing "culture", if it can be defined as such. It seems history's lessons get forgotten very quickly.

IsraLuv said...

we did not get a chance to schmooze at the conference but i enjoy reading your blog. my response to the conference was to post suggestions for the next event- and especially bring in individuals who can teach bloggers tech tricks (pictures, links, videos and other communities) for our blogs.

YMedad said...

Yes, those tricks are important as I am now learning.