Sunday, August 31, 2008

The "Moser" Text (and Comment)

This is Rabbi Yisrael Rosen's column in this week's Shabbat B'Shbbato:

And why would I put this up?

Because Failed Messiah Shmarya has gone ballistic over it.

I left my comment there but Shmarya is still hot:

...calling for murder and incitement to violence is not protected speech – even when someone tries to cover that illegal speech with a fig leaf of religion.

Let Rozen rot in jail.

Anyone who reads Hebrew, and doesn't depend on a newspaper report totally, can see that in the third from last paragraph, Rosen starts off

צא ו(אל ת)למד מהלכות הרמב"ם

and in translation:

"Go and (don't learn) from the laws of the Rambam".

Moreover, in the context of what he is saying, he notes that the behavior of Peace Now, in tattle-telling to the court, to the EU and to the Arabs is despicable and that that is the comparison with the category of "moser".

I personally think that any use of the term "moser" in modern political discourse is not necessary and unhelpful. First, it directs the conversation not to the Peace Now behavior. Secondly, since persons, like Peace Now, who act in a way which is inimical to Jewish rights are usually supported by fanatical persons who care more for less-than-exact similarities to Jewish law than trying to put Jews who haven't done anything wrong in jail, all you get is argumentation that doesn't solve the real problem - Jews cooperating with Arabs against Jews.

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