Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bad Reporting Standards

One of the basics of reporting I was taught, okay, I am old school, is get a reaction. Not only is it the fair thing to do, but it usually livens up your story and if the reaction is pitiful and inadequate, it really nails the situation.

This week, timed for Condi Rice's visit, Peace Now published a report on building expansion in the Yesha communities.

Did anyone ask a representative of these communities, or the Yesha Council, to respond, react and rejoin?

Let's check.

BBC. No.

Jerusalem Post. No.

Reuters. No.

Haaretz. No.

New York Times. No.

AFP. No.

Chicago Tribune. No.

Daily Telegraoh (UK). No.

Anybody know of a "Yes"?

Are they all lazy, negligent or just anti-Yesha.

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