Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hareidi Humor

Here's an example of Hareidi humor, or rather, satire. It's directed at the Jerusalem municipality's "failure" to provide for properly observant-standard vacation activities.

It's styled as a funeral notice:-

And it reads:

Blessed Be The Judge of Truth

In shock, we announce the going away of our sons, brothers, grandsons, students, who expired in a tragic fashion when caught up in the snares that the municipality provided when they went out to spend the vacation days of the month of Ellul while standing at the crossroads, climbing every available tree, sanctifying themselves in salty water and primming themselves in sweet water, joyfully going to stuff themselves with smoked meat and sinking their flesh in streams and rivers, until the sun tanned them well and their friends could not recognize them, G-d save us.


Ashkenazim and Sfaradim, Chassidim and Litaim, Yeminites and Americans, Young and Old

who were injured in the center of Geula at the Gal-Paz record store, at Green-tech, at Safra Square, and more.

The gravemarker has been rolled over them during the "in-between" period 5768

Their place of burial: at Hutzot HaYotzer, the camps of Haim Walder, Tiberias, Golan Mountains, among the blacks of Eilat.

Sitting Shiva: at the Jerusalem Dep't. of Torah Culture and Newspaper Editorial offices

The Grieving Families

Presented for your thinking interest by the Rabbis Committee for the Salvation of Youth

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