Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Aspect of the Migron Case

...[the] scenario seemingly resembles the case of Elon Moreh, which was built on the private lands of the village of Rujeib. The Supreme Court did not believe the government's argument that security needs dictated the takeover of this private land. The court ruled that settlement needs did not justify the appropriation of private property. As a result, Rujeib was voluntarily evacuated, the concept of settlements on state lands was applied and Elon Moreh was established in its current location. Eventually, settlers acquired plots of land from Rujeib; today they constitute, together with the adjacent state lands, the community of Itamar and its outposts. A similar thing also happened at Mitzpe Kramim, which was relocated in 1999 (under the terms of the first outpost agreement) and later reestablished in the place it was evacuated from.


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