Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Condi the Klutz

She has done it again.

First, she made a joke about the truce in Gaza having its ups and downs - yes, that is what Qassams do.

Now read what she said:-

We have also discussed the situation in Gaza Strip and the urgent need to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people and opening the doors and the crossing borders – points for the people and for the goods, so that life can continue in the Gaza Strip, despite the fact that there is a truce in Gaza Strip and we have supported this truce and we have provided all support to this truce – yet the situation in Gaza Strip is intolerable, unbearable.

"Despite the fact there is a truce"? You mean despite the fact that the truce has been constantly violated, right?

Madame Secretary, the situation that is intolerable and unbearable - is it that Hamas continues to sanction terror and permit the ongoing firings of Qassams at Israeli civilian targets or, perhaps, that Israel, in responding to terror and its security needs, has been attempting to limit the terror. Or is what is intolerable is that Gilad Shalit hasn't been released? Or that the digging of tunnels for the smuggling of arms and ammunition and explosives continues is what is unbearable?

Can you let us know?

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