Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Depending on the United States, Are We?

I have written at this blog several posts (here and also here) regarding the problematics of General Keith Dayton's "preparing" the Pals. for security operations. Forget their internal setup, how will their failure, and there will be failure, affect Israel's security.

Anyway, I spied this and wanted to make sure it is here, for the record:-

The US military was surprised by the timing and swiftness of the Russian military's move into South Ossetia and is still trying to sort out what happened, a US defense official said Monday.

That the two countries were on a collision course was no surprise to anyone, but the devastating Russian response was not expected, officials said.

"We were tracking it earlier in that week and we knew that things were escalating," said a military official, who asked not to be identified. "I can tell you it moved quicker than we anticipated that first day."

But how it unfolded is still unclear, clouded by conflicting claims from both sides.

"I think a lot of what you're asking needs to be ironed out," said the official.

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