Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who Is She?

I had seen her before in other pictures but now I thought why not try to identify her.

It's from this clip at 8:05 -

She was accompanying Ariel Sharon on his ascent to tour the Temple Mount in September 2000.

Was she a reporter?

A guard?

An aide or assistant?

Anyone know?


Maybe Iris Goldman-Kahanovitz who passed away from cancer in 2012.

I have made inquiries.

(thanks to MikeC)



Yes, I have confirmation.

Iris Goldman at that time was Sharon's Media Advisor-Spokeperson and she accompanied him on the Temple Mount visit.

Her husband left me this note that she did not leave a written account but:
היא בעיקר סיפרה שחטפה מרפקים משוטרי היס״מ שהקיפו את שרון, הם היו די
 לחוצים ואלימים כלפי כל מי שהסתובב סביבו. רוב הזמן היא רדפה אחריו בהר

"she mostly related that she was roughly pushed about by the special Yassam Forces being elbowed as they closely guarded Sharon as they were quite pressured and violent towrad anyone in Sharon's vicinity.  Most of the time she spent chasing after him there on the Temple Mount."


Michael Cohen said...

If I am not mistaken it looks like Iris Goldman who was an aide to Sharon. She was at IDC a few years ago and died very young of cancer. I think that's who it is...

Unknown said...

This is Iris Goldman - Kahanovitch, who was my spouse for 9 years and passed away in July 2012. Iris was Ariel Sharon's media advisor at the time.