Monday, February 17, 2014

Minister Bennett: Temple Mount "Sensitive"

Minister Naftali Bennett, minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora affairs, responded to a question about continued control of the Old City Temple Mount site by the Muslim waqf and said
...the steps already implemented by his office to exercise greater Israeli sovereignty over East Jerusalem would "ultimately influence the eastern side of Jerusalem, and that will include the Temple Mount.” “Unfortunately, the Temple Mount today doesn’t allow for the full exercise of freedom of religion, and there is discrimination against Jews there,” he said. “But we have to be very careful when dealing with the Temple Mount because of the huge sensitivity of the site.”He said he didn’t have a “snap solution” to the issue but that it would eventually be resolved by “gradually increasing the exercise of law in all of Jerusalem.” He noted that although East Jerusalem is part of Jerusalem, “for many years, Israel didn’t actually exercise its sovereignty there” and that it was a “lawless area.”

Minister Bennett, the Jewish people also have a sensitivity about and for the Temple Mount.

Let's even things out.

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