Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ooops, There Goes Another Caravan


Tuesday, February 4, 17:12
In response to the wave of destruction of homes and groves by security forces in the communities of the Shilo Bloc a group of mothers from the region organized a protest picnic in the wadi which runs through the communities. Although the protest was peaceful the police forcibly detained five of the mothers, three of them with their babies and one of whom is pregnant.  Honenu asks, “When do soldiers and the police ever deal with rock and fire bomb throwers with such force?”Photos: Destruction in the Shilo Bloc Photo credits: Ayelet HaShachar Birulin, Tatzpit News Agency

Sorry, but the real question is why do they not deal with illegal construction by Arabs so?  Like the one near Jericho?

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NormanF said...


No doubt those pregnant women are the dastardly "price tag" criminals the police have been looking for! Now having a protest lunch is deemed by the Israeli state to be a criminal offense!

And we can't have people making the Israeli government look craven in its failure to deal with Arab terrorism in Judea and Samaria.