Thursday, February 13, 2014

Halachic Guide to Breastfeeding

A new book has just been published dealing with the (as I found out from the contents) myriad issues dealing with breastfeeding:

Chapter Six is quite risque.  Or Islamist.

Chapter 19 is weird.  Or kinky.  IMHO.

If you want to seek it out:

B'er Lechai, "Rules for the Breasteeding Woman, the Suckler and on the Milk" by Yitzhak Licitzin.



The science:

Studies in humans, monkeys and other mammals have found a variety of differences in both the content and the quantity of milk produced. Baby boys often get milk that is richer in fat or protein — and thus energy — while girls often get more milk overall. Rhesus monkeys, for instance, tend to produce more calcium in the milk they feed to daughters, who inherit social status from their mothers.


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