Sunday, February 23, 2014

Muslim Apartheid

This poster is protesting Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.

But there is something especially sinister in it:-

The encircled Jew in the lower-right section is drinking water from a fountain on the Temple Mount.

He is, in the Muslim view, desecrating the site and the very water they use.

That is true apartheid.  Just like in South Africa and the South of the United States during apartheid and segregation.

Do you support that policy?


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Anonymous said...

Muslim country does expulsion of illegal infiltrators - leftist planet ignores it:

Let's be honest: Muslim governments behave like entitled, alpha-males; immediately, the leftists are too scared of them to say boo. This occurs at an unconscious, hindbrain level, my friends. This is survival instinct.

Hebrew governments act in a hesitant, beta-male, scaredy-cat manner - immediately, the leftists can smell the fear, smell the opportunity to pile-on the criticism.

Conclusion: next time some SocialJusticeWarrior shows her Cory-esque face in Shomron - just shoot her immediately. Leave her body to rot and stink. Do not allow the leftists to even take the body away. PUBLISH pictures of it. Make press releases about it. Let Hebrew sayeret squadrons visit, smear their hands in her blood and show it to the cameras.

Believe me, the SJW's will magically lose their enthusiasm for bothering the indigenous-Hebrew-homeland.... in a heartbeat.

We should always ask ourselves: What would Orde Wingate have done?