Thursday, February 13, 2014

Muslims, Be Ashamed! This is A Holy Place

My modest contribution to religious respect and coexistence.



Anonymous said...

Hammon, Rabbis you can do better that, Obama is Hammon to the tenth powere. The trilogy for the take down of Israel has been put in place. Kerry is the Image of the beast who forces everyone to warship the beast (Obama) and the false political leader is coming from Rome to complete task.

Anonymous said...

I told you and told you and told you, he first tried to arm all the rebels to kill you, but he has problems in Syria with Russia, and Egypt has not fallen into line as planned. His only hope left is Irans nuke and believe me it has Iraels name on it with...thats Obamas last chance to erace Israel from the map. So hold on Israel turbulent times are in store for you in the very near future