Friday, February 07, 2014

A Klingon Reacting to John Kerry

Klingon language had no word for the concept of "peacemaker" until Ramatisian mediator Riva negotiated the early United Federation of Planets-Klingon treaties just decades ago.

MATT LEE: I mean, clearly, the secretary does not believe that Jerusalem is the holy city for hobbits and klingons, right?
JEN PSAKI: Well, I have not seen the video, Matt. So perhaps –
LEE: Well, that’s one of the things that’s in there, so, you know –  ...So, I mean, this is just — I mean, it’s a parody. Although it may have, you know, a serious point, you know, it is in itself ridiculous.He does not believe that Jerusalem is a holy city to fictional –
PSAKI: To hobbits?
LEE: To fictional–
PSAKI: I think that’s fair to run as an AP headline.
LEE: Klingons?
LEE: They’re affectionate too.
PSAKI: I love klingons but–
Q: So it could be it.
PSAKI: But nothing having to do with the peace process.


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