Friday, February 14, 2014

Toxic Max (Blumenthal): Arabs Are Nazis

Here are some of Max Blumenthal's immorality (and self-hatred):


a) we cannot deny Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-'Palestinians' the right to kill Jews;

b) Arabs actually have a right to kill Jews;

c) their right is predicated on comparing themselves to Jews in the "occupied" Warsaw Ghetto;

d) and it then follows that ... Jews are to be compared to ... Nazis which would then justify the right of Arabs to resist;

e) but, if Arabs are Jews, who are Nazis, then, according to my logic, Arabs killing Jews are ... Nazis.

Of course, Jews didn't deny Germas their right to a national ethos, as the Arabs do.

And in their resistance to the Nazis, they did not attack German civilians, Germans in restaurants, in buses, in schools, in supermarkets, in churches.

Maxie B. is one sick individual.

P.S.  I could have written more but i started feeling queasy.



Paul Baars, Holland said...

To compare the Jewish struggle to survive with Filistine-Islamic struggle to dominate and conquere is sick at best. It is very, very simple to see which side is on the side of justice and righteousness and which one is not. There is One who created the earth and all it's lands, they are His property. There is One who distributed the lands to the people (which He made also) and there is One who made the law. That One is the Holy One of Yisrael. It was He that made the promise of the Promised land to Israel and His Word cannot be undone nor His promise broken.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Medad,

I wouldn't call it "self-hatred".

What he actually manifests is a degree of self-love - moral narcissism, as it were - carried to a pathological level.

It's other Jews he hates (whether individually or collectively), not himself.

Given the nature of his father's political relationships, I sense that there are other (deeper) issues which are being played out here, which are amendable to neither logic nor reason.

Reminds me of the pathetic (unfunny, and unoriginal) Sarah Silverman.

Anonymous said...

No justice, no peace. Occupiers must deal with the results of their own violence. Max does not hate Jews. Max hates oppression. Max is not the only Jew who hates oppression and who hates how oppressive the Israeli government has become. Ethnic nationalism is the evil that caused the holocaust and it is still evil in Israel, even if the Palestinians aren't being systematically exterminated.

YMedad said...

Dear Anon. 7:49 - Arabs who refer to themselves as "Palestinians" are not engaged in ethnic nationalism? They do not oppress their own population? Hamas and Fatah don't kill each other? To set up a new never-before-in-history state of Palestine will solve what problem(s)? Arabs didn't occupy the Land of Israel? Arabs didn't ethnically cleanse and try to exterminate Jews from lcoations in Judea and Samaria that Jews were living in for centuries? Have you any idea of how ignorant you appear and how illogical your thinking is? Max doesn't require your inadequate defense.