Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Shlaim Rhymes With Slime

Israel Needs to Learn Some Manners, writes Avi Shlaim at the NYTimes on January 30, 2014.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon's comments, he asserts,

were rather rude...the kind of talk that gives chutzpah a bad name.

He suggests that the special relationship between the United States and Israel

is a one-way street, with America doing all the diplomatic heavy lifting while Israel limits its role to obstruction and whining — repaying Uncle Sam’s generosity with ingratitude and scorn...America gives Israel money, arms and advice. Israel takes the money, it takes the arms, and it rudely rejects the advice.

and later, goes overboard, with no manners, writing

The Kerry-hating Mr. Yaalon and his hawk-infested Likud party

"Infested"?  Like in vermin?

And he goes petulant:

America is going nowhere in the Middle East until it makes the provision of money and arms conditional on good manners and, more importantly, on Israeli respect for its advice.

I previously noted that President Obama, conversing with French President (at the time) Sarkozy, termed Netanyahu a liar.  That, of course, is diplomatic?

So, if I write that Shlaim rhymes with slime, am I rude?



Anonymous said...

Shlaim was one of the academic streetwalkers who ran to support Norman Finkelstein when DePaul was in the process of canning the little Neo-Nazi's butt

zaba said...

(Israel) rudely rejects the advice.

Are we talking 'advice' or are we talking 'strongly suggested'?