Monday, February 10, 2014

On Terrorism and Journalism

These are the words of a journalist, Sue Torton for Al-Jazeera at present, in the wake of her being charged in Egypt with the crimes of spreading false news, bringing Egypt into disrepute, and conspiring with terrorists:

I've been physically attacked, verbally abused, shot at, bombed and arrested in my 25 years as a TV reporter. They're occupational hazards. But being accused of assisting terrorists is not.

I have no idea what Ms. Torton has, or has not, done.  

However, I do think that assisting terrorists could be an occupational hazard.

Of course it is.

Terrorist groups employ journalists. As spies, Soviet Russia did. So, too, does China.  Ulrike Meinhof slipped from journalism into terrorism.

Israel considers Al-Quds Educational Radio and Al-Aqsa TV as terrorist organizations disguised as media outlets.

As a journalist, Ms. Torton should be more exact in her reportimng.


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