Friday, February 28, 2014

Quiz: Who Is The Extremist?

Who said:

“I find life quite impossible as I cannot enjoy a thing without carrying it to all the extremes and then nearly dying of the reaction.” 

a)  A Haredi politician

b)  A price-tag activist

c)  A member of Fatah

d)  a Woman of the Wall lady

e)  an anti-Zionist Jew

f)  Nancy Cunard 

Yep, "f".


She seemed to be violent, too.  Do you know what to be braceletted means?

She smoked and drank dramatically and would brandish a long cigarette holder; after she became seriously interested in African art and culture in the late 20s and was living tempestuously with Henry Crowder, a black American jazz musician, she often wore old African ivory bracelets up her slender arms from wrist to elbow. These bracelets became her trademark, long before the "ethnic" look was invented. Sometimes they were also a weapon; the New Yorker writer Janet Flanner, half in love with Cunard herself, met Crowder on the street one day and asked him why he was bruised. "Just bracelet work, Miss Janet," he calmly replied.


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