Sunday, February 09, 2014

Religious Pluralism in Muslim Countries

Will the Temple Mount be safe under Muslim rule?

Will Jews be permitted access?


Religious pluralism, which not only mean religious forbearance but also harmonious co-existence of the adherents of different religions exist in practice in Bangladesh. However, there are cases of religious discrimination and harassment of minorities (e.g., Ahmadiya community, Hindus and converted Christians) in Bangladesh especially during the period of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) rule (in 1991-1996) and four party (that includes Jamaat-e-Islam) alliance governments in 2001-2006 (Riaz 2004). For example, in 1992, after the Babri Mosque incidence in India, in revenge, nearly 80 Hindu temples were ruined in Bangladesh (Khan n.d.). Apart from these rare activities, Bangladeshi state treats all its citizens justly and equally. Although it recognizes the primacy of Islam (as in Article 2A)...

Since Israel doesn't permit prayer or freedom of worship, well, that's a foregone conclusion.

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