Friday, February 21, 2014

What's The Media Industry Like?

So, are you thinking of becoming a journalist?  Entering into the media industry?


Rebekah Brooks, the former boss of Rupert Murdoch's British newspapers, denied having a six-year affair with fellow editor Andy Coulson but said they did have periods of physical intimacy over a number of years… Brooks said on Friday she had been extremely close friends with Coulson, and on occasion had intimate relations with him between 1998 and 2006…"First of all it's not true," she said, of the prosecution's allegation of an affair, before accepting suggestions from her lawyer Jonathan Laidlaw that they had had moments of intimacy.  "My personal life was a bit of a car crash for many years and it was probably very easy to blame work: the hours were very long and hard and you get thrown together in an industry like that."

An industry "like that". 


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Thor said...

Come on (me). What the fuck of a difference does it make? Why are you commentiong on British tabloid news? Have you not bigger things to consider?