Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shiloh Makes a NYTimes Map


Good point in the article:

“I am not a settlement. I am an industrial area, an industrial area that gives hope for people,” said Yehuda Cohen, the chief executive of Lipski, a plastics plant in the Barkan Industrial Park, 15 miles east of Tel Aviv. “If there will be any kind of peace agreement, even if they decide this area should be part of the Palestinian country, we should not destroy the industrial areas. We should increase them.”...“These people are fighting against my right to work,” said Rashid Morra, 47, a father of five, who is the head of Lipski’s packing department. “You’re not going to get peace through boycotts. You’re not going to get peace through pressure. You get peace through working together.”

And on this:

 There are 15 other industrial zones like this one in territory Israel seized in the 1967 war. 

We didn't "seize" it.  The Arabs lost it after initiating aggressive hostilities.  And to whom did it 'belong"? There was no "Palestine".  And Jordan was an illegal occupier.


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Anonymous said...

few will deny that Jodi came here very ignorant and did not pick all the information that she should have once she arrived.
`Atarot, now in northern Jerusalem, one of the industrial zones mentioned in the article, was a Jewish moshav until early in 1948 when the Jewish residents fled.

`Atarot was not land confiscated from Arabs since the real estate there belonged to Jews years before 1948. But Jodi doesn't know that.