Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's The PA Pressuring for Political Reasons

I was reading Jodi Rudoren's report on the fake crisis created by the PA over the Gaza entrants to Israel for medical treatment based on application letterheads they know Israel has been rejecting for months and caught this:

Israel rejected the applications of dozens of medical patients in the Gaza Strip seeking to travel for treatment in Israel or the West Bank this week because the paper they were printed on bore the logo “State of Palestine” rather than “Palestinian Authority.”
…Guy Inbar, a spokesman for the Israeli agency that coordinates movement and other activities with the Palestinian Authority, said that it had always refused to accept such documents, and that the Palestinians had generally complied and used the old letterhead…“We know that they have two kinds of documents,” Mr. Inbar said. “Sometimes they send us, by mistake or in order to challenge us, the State of Palestine signature.”

Omar al-Nasser, a spokesman for the Palestinian Health Ministry, countered, “This is pressure for political reasons.”

And I am thinking: most NYTimes' readers presume that the phrase "pressure for political reasons" is an indictment against Israel for being nasty, vindictive and petty.

It isn't.

It is an admission by the Palestinian Authority that in order to pressure Israel for political reasons it will pressure, injure, damage and harm its own populace and violate their human rights all for a game of political reasons.


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