Friday, February 14, 2014

Got A Shovel? Come to the Temple Mount

Is the flag of Israel dangerous?
Jews entering the Temple Mount are used to draconian treatment -- separate lines from tourists, meticulous security checks, vociferous orders not to pray or whisper, the chaperone. Now there is a new order: Every Jewish man and women are required to enter a side room and take off their clothes to prove they are not smuggling a dangerous, explosive prohibited substance: The Israeli flag. It should be noted that Muslims wave the flags of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Hamas regularly, in front of cameras and policemen.
In the 1950s bold young men and women tried to reach Petra. Today they try to sneak an Israeli flag into Temple Mount. One of them, Eitan Kliman, got a restraining order banning him from the Temple Mount for concealing "under his shirt an Israeli flag that read 'Temple Mount is in out [sic: our] hands' which he planned to wave [on the site]." It is safe to say that they would probably have banned Mordechai Gur (the Israel Defense Force's 10th chief of staff) from the Temple Mount [who made that declaration in 1967].

I have just suggested to the Coordinating Council of the Temple Mount Organizations, --- yes, there are (too) many, --- that we next attempt to ascend with shovels.


Yes.  We want to perform archaeological excavations. (Thank you MK Micki Levi)

Got a pickax?

My thinking is that we need to strengthen links to as much of the Israeli public as possible and issues that are not seen to be as 'extremist' or overtly 'Temple-linked', like sacrifices, Kohanim dressed in weird white clothes and such can only assist us in this effort.


I wonder what those "leaders" --- one of them President and CEO of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs Steve Gutow, a graduate of a Reconstructionist seminary --- told the King of Jordan (which is part of historic palestine) about Jerusalem as a united city and worship on the Temple Mount:

King meets representatives of Jewish organizations in Washington

Washington, Feb. 13 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday met with leaders of the American Jewish organizations in Washington D.C. and discussed ways to support efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East...

"The establishment of an independent Palestinian state on Palestiniannational soil, within the June 4th, 1967 line, with East Jerusalem as its capital, living in peace and security alongside Israel is a regional and international interest..

...King Abdullah warned of the Israeli settlement policies in Jerusalem and the attempts to tamper with Muslim and Christian holy sites there. He also warned against attempts to Judaize Jerusalem, which, he said, are an obstacle that could undermine efforts to achieve peace.

King Abdullah affirmed that Jordan will continue its historic Hashemite role in protecting and defending the holy places in Jerusalem.

Odd.  Can't find any news at Jewish sites.


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