Monday, November 25, 2013

Yisrael, What Do You Respond to Incriminations?

Dear Yisrael,

JewishIsrael doesn't like you.  One of their staff suggests you "worship Christians".  Others believe you are facilitating Christian missionary work to convert Jews.  They even intimated you "found Jesus".

What do you respond?

-     -     -

Let me be brief, in fact, concise:

a) Christian missionary activity must be actively opposed.

b) Christian Zionism must be encouraged.

c) Christian Zionists must be informed: 
work for and with me if you wish because of who we are and for the fact that Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled by us - but not because of who you might wish us to become.

d) linking Christians through 'guilt-by-association' cannot be accepted unless a direct connection is proven.


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