Friday, November 29, 2013

What's Good for Arabs Should Be Good Too For Jews

In a story about an exhibit of photographs from UNRWA, we read:

Christopher Gunness, an agency spokesman, said...“Everyone has a right to understand, to study and feel a part of their history,” he said. “Are we supposed to engage in denial of the events of 1948? The refugee experience is an essential part of Palestinian identity.”

Fine.  As long as the facts are facts.

And moreover, why do Arabs engage in denial, not only non-acceptance, of the Jewish national ethos.?

Denial of the Temple Mount?

Denial of Jerusalem?

Isn't there something wrong in permitting Arabs their narrative while demanding that Jews accept the right of Arabs to deny our narrative?



Fleur said...

Hasn't the official Israeli position been to, not deny the arab version and show what a lie it is, but to lean over backwards and be seen to be conciliatory and forgiving . So over the years by not contradicting the lies, forcefully and from the beginning, our official spokespeople have lent them credibility and a generation of our own young people have grown up believing them. Its only recently our politicians are prepared to acknowledge and highlight the suffering and losses suffered by jews from arab countries.

Fleur said...

We've allowed our narrative to be written by our detractors

Michael Dar said...

The arrogance, over-confidence, stupidity and criminal negligence of our various successive leaderships carry the blame for our actual precarious and perhaps irreversible situation. First big mistake has been to think that our standing as an independent Jewish state could be permanently taken for granted once it was recognized. How could we have forgotten the fundamental truth of that thousands of years old historically proven universal hatred towards the Jews. Lie by lie, deceit after deceit, the Arabs managed to impose their own fake, fabricated narrative on the world, which was only to eager to accept it as convenient facts. We never seriously challenge them.