Monday, November 25, 2013

Israel Needs To Not Be Further Kerryed

Our Prime Minister was told by the American president that as regards the deal with Iran

"Consistent with our commitment to consult closely with our Israeli friends...he wants the United States and Israel to begin consultations immediately regarding our efforts to negotiate a comprehensive solution,"...

Despite protestations that everything will be okay, many and more* see this agreement as disastrous.

What should be the campaign focus now?

What Benjamin Netanyahu is thinking I do not know.  And I doubt he'll tell me.

But what I would suggest is to focus on Obama and to highlight the following points:

a) is he reliable?  can he be trusted based on his performance these past few years?  how to we track his future moves on Iran?

b) is a proper supervisory mechanism in place? will it work? will it report publicly?

c) based on those reports, does the US and its allies have a military alternative response is infractions and violations happen?

We must emphasize that a strike is the only alternative to this deal's failing.  No more deals.  No more negotiations.

Instead of having Israel being pressured all the time, the object is to pressure the United States and its President (as for its Secretary of State, if Obama prefers someone else to negotiate, we can leave him out).


But we can name a new term: to be kerryed which means to be circumvented but employed to mislead as a useful idiot.



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