Saturday, November 23, 2013

My "Palestinianism" in Use

"Anti-Palestinianism" has become a theological issue, Palestinian Bible scholar Yohanna Katanacho said at an international conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

He explains:

...some Israeli theologians "strive to establish a particular reading of biblical history in order to gain political advantage."  "Such reading strategies put (Palestinians) at a disadvantage. They are perceived as the Canaanites or Philistines," he said, referring to enemies of the biblical Israelites.

"Some Palestinians are tempted to play this history game and argue they were in the land before the ancient children of Israel, as if an ancient historical presence is the basis for contemporary human rights, including the right to own your own home that you inherited from your grandfather or grandmother."

American Evangelical scholar Gary Burge continued:

"When we have a conversation about the Christian church and the land, we have to be adept at how we use the Bible," Burge said at a panel discussion on biblical authority.

"Here in Israel-Palestine," Burge said, "the Bible consistently serves special interests."

Adept?  You seem to have be downright fictitious and reading the Bible, the history and the archaelogical evidence completely wrong.


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Hughie said...

As a Christian i am very concerned regarding what appears to becoming more prevelant in some Christian "thinkers" that there is little evidence of a Biblical warrant for Israel having their own land......

It is to me most distressing, and besides that wholly inacurate.