Thursday, November 07, 2013

Mina Fenton is Saved! Halleluah!

Mina Fenton is an implacable foe of any and all Christian assistance to the State of Israel as well as Christian help to the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

She was with JewishIsrael but even they realized the need to extricate themselves from her grip.

For her, it appears, all is a grand design for missionary activity.

She can be a bit overenthusiastic and downright silly.  She once opposed, I was informed, a Jerusalem Municipality sponsored appearance of כנסיית השכל which translates as the Church of Commonsense.  It just so happens that that is the name of an Israeli rock group.

Two years ago, she published a report on a Rabbinic rally against Evangelical Christians and it appeared in the Machon Meir weekly Parsha sheet, Emet v'Emunah.  Here:

The relevant section to which I draw your attention reads:

The system of penetration, conquering and subjugation is by providing millions of dollars...among the large Christian organizations are the ICEJ, the CFI, the BFP and the CFOIC...the organizations are inter-connected one with the other, they have a missionary programs and they support missionary organizations and messianic communities...

CFOIC is Christian Friends of Israeli Communities Heartland.

I am a member of its Executive Board.

It is a Jewish Israeli association.  And we do not engage in Christian missionary activity.  Nor do we support it.

Mina's brush was way too broad and she lied, libeled and impaired and Machon Meir were negligent in not checking her "facts" or providing a response from CFOIC.

Moreover the "apology" they published later was no apology nor was the article removed.

Well, now they must remove it within 30 days.

And, they must contribute 10,000 NIS - in the name of CFOIC - to Yad Sarah in Ariel.

That was the decision of the Jerusalem Magistrate Judge Malkah Aviv.

We originally requested that CFOIC be the recipient of the contribution but they announced that that would destroy Machon Meir.

Here is the wording of the expression of regret and apology:

Mina Fenton, though, was lucky.

In the first instance, she was almost tossed out of the courtroom for speaking out of turn.  Second, she was saved embarrassment when she was not required to present "expert testimony".  She is not an expert and her depositions displayed ignorance and lack of sophistication in the matter.

Third, the judge demanded that we agree that we will not pursue a further libel suit against her personally based on this libelous publication.

The judge, in remarks made not to the protocol expressed her view that her courtroom was not the place to battle the suspicions of Jews regarding missionary activity.  In fact, she thought we were a Christian group until the four of us made clear we are all Orthodox Jews.  She also wondered why there wasn't further cooperation between Jews and Christians in support of Israel, aid that Israel, in its diplomatic condition, needed from non-Jewish friends.  She even thought rabbis should go to churches to speak on behalf of Israel.

I know my Christian friends are aware of my position:



If you believe in the prophecies of Israel restored; if you believe that Israel is fulfilling those prophecies, especially in Judea and Samaria;  if you are convinced that you want to be amongst the "foreign sons" who come and seek to associate with Zion - then do so unconditionally.

I will not interfere in your theology and you will do the same.  We will respect each other.  There will be no proselytizing or missionary activity. You may believe what you wish and I will believe in what I believe.  But we both believe in the covenant between God and Israel and the vineyards being planted and the abundance the land provides.

That is more than enough.

And if you wish to participate in the miracle, do so - but on that basis of shared understanding.


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