Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brings Back Memories

I caught this:

Carlos Miller, of Photography is not a Crime (PINAC) being investigated for “witness intimidation”, a felony,  after he posted the publicly listed work number of a Boston Police Department employee on his website.

Miller was contacted by a producer who was charged with felony wiretapping at the end of October. The producer, Taylor Hardy, had recorded an interview with the Boston Police spokeswoman. The video begins mid-conversation, but the producer claims the spokeswoman, Angelene Richardson, knew she was being recorded...Hardy is now facing felony charges.  Miller asked his readers to contact Richardson about Hardy’s case. He published Richardson’s office number on his website. Now Miller is being investigated for “witness intimidation”.

It reminded me of a post I once put up relating to the US Consulate spokeswoman here in Jerusalem.

I copied off her info from a State Dept. post and it included here cell phone number.

She assumed I was inviting radicals to call her and threaten her.

I was contacted by a political officer who requested I remove the number.  I agreed but told him she should complain to the State Dept. web site manager first.

She was so angry I got banned from official events for over two years.


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