Monday, November 04, 2013

More Knesset Contretemps

It was hot and heavy today at the Knesset.

As reported (in translation)

the Knesset Interior Committee...almost degenerated into a brawl hands. The charged topic of discussion was Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. Arab MKs were outraged by the topic of discussion and often shouted out in interruption: "There is no such thing as the Temple Mount, there is only the Al - Aqsa Mosque," they cried.MK Ahmed Tibi , Jamal Zahalke , Muhammad Barakeh and Affo Aghrabia attacked the committee chairman MK Miri Regev . "You're playing with fire , the pyromaniac and you'll make cocktails and a third intifada ," they warned .Ahmed Tibi: "You are a dangerous woman , not only for us but also for your children."
Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Eli Ben- Dahan, said "The position of the Chief Rabbinate is to  ban Jews from praying at the Temple Mount ," said Ben Dahan , but he turned to the new chief rabbis and asked them to match the new reality whereby there are rabbis who permit it the Temple Mount.  The Deputy Minister said that he is waiting for an answer chief rabbis...if the answer is negative , the office does not intend to act to allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount...

More and a video here.


During the stormy debate over the law, Regev explained the rationale behind it, saying that "We cannot have a situation in which a state cannot realize its sovereignty and people can't pray at sites holy to them." Regev further stressed that "we don't want to go into Al Aqsa [mosque] or prevent you (Muslims) from praying there, but want to enable Jews to pray on the compound as well."


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