Thursday, November 21, 2013

Progressively Worse

The New Israel Fund is going to become more (?) progressive Haaretz informs us.

...the New Israel Fund (NIF) is poised to start pushing for one more self-empowering political movement that might very well be called Progressive Pride.

“You have every right to speak out for the Israel you want to see!” a new NIF video exclaimed at the annual NIF gala dinner held in Manhattan this week.

“There is no need to apologize for what you are: you are Jews and progressives,” Hillel Ben Sasson of the NIF–funded Molad Center for Renewal of Democracy exhorted. “When you go to Israel, you do not need to check your progressive values at the door.”


See this:

In a must-read piece, Peter Berkowitz explains that Obama’s problems, specifically all the things he discovers on the job (no shovel-ready jobs, insurance is complicated, etc.) stem from an intellectual weakness prevalent on the left:
The president and the officials around him are the product of the same progressive version of higher education that simultaneously excises politics from the study of government and public policy while politicizing education. This higher education denigrates experience; exalts rational administration; reveres abstract moral reasoning; confidently counts on the mainstream press to play for the progressive political team; accords to words fabulous abilities to remake reality; and believes itself to speak for the people while haughtily despising their way of life.

Need I write more?


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