Monday, November 25, 2013

Are You Coming to Limmud UK?

Here's my schedule:

We are delighted to confirm that you will be presenting the following sessions:

   Sun 22 Dec 16:20-17:20 - “Apartheid roads” (and other Judea & Samaria lies you were told)

   Mon 23 Dec 21:10-22:20 - Going all the way up the Temple Mount: when a Jewish right meets a Muslim rock

   Tue 24 Dec 13:30-14:30 - The "impurity" of the  “purity of arms” myth

   Tue 24 Dec 21:10-22:20 - Panel: A ‘Jewish-democratic’ state: A reality, an aspiration, or an illusion?     (presenting with Avner Gvaryahu, Ruvi Ziegler, Talia Sasson)

   Tue 24 Dec 22:40-23:40 - Think and drink (3 of 3)       (presenting with Limmud Social Programming Team, Odeya Kohen Raz, Paul Kay)

   Wed 25 Dec 09:20-10:20 - Settling the debate? A roundtable on the past, present and future of the Israeli settler movement     (presenting with Avner Gvaryahu, Manfred Gerstenfeld, Miri Eisin, Sara Hirschhorn)

   Wed 25 Dec 16:20-17:20 - Menachem Begin’s birth centennial – a retrospective

I just hope that the 'think and drink' event doesn't turn into a 'drink and sink' one.


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devorah bee said...

Great piece. Yes did you catch the part about them having a creche? Yep. And a full fledge Islamic name on the speakers list. I suppose by your comment that you saw the ad of a college age kid wearing a t- shirt that said, "What, Jew don't drink? Is that supposed to be something of value, getting drunk while learning. Although I have to say I did like the idea of some yoga classes in between all the intellectual mush that my brain was about to taste. I have been researching it, its a free for all, according to them, everything from soup to nuts. Thank you no thank you- dvrah b