Monday, November 11, 2013

Temple Mount Gets Protection

Well, some protection:-

on Thursday, the Shin Bet and Israeli security forces closed two East Jerusalem offices, which served as a base for Hamas operations in Israel’s capital. The Shin Bet indicated that the offices belonged to charities based in Umm al-Fahm and Nazareth in northern Israel, which were known as Al-Quds Development and Amara al-Aqsa. Israeli security forces stated that “following up-to-date information that Hamas…continues to act there,” action was taken to shut the offices down. 

The Amara al-Aqsa office was closed because of “information on activities aiding and supporting Hamas in Jerusalem,” which also “led to violence against visitors and security forces on the Temple Mount.”

Those are the groups that fund the 'sitters', the men and the women, who block pedestrian traffic on the Temple Mount, shout and yell and attempt to cause provocations.


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